"Flipping Fun really added a unique element to our event. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends. - Abby, New York, NY

How is a Flipping Fun Flip Book shot?

Your guests step up in front of our backdrop and perform funny and entertaining seven second skits. The guests will see themselves in our monitor as we shoot the action. The skit is automatically replayed on the monitor for your guests to review and decide if they are satisfied with what they see. When the guests are happy with their performance, our production team creates a memorable flipbook complete with a customized cover created just for your event, or a standard generic cover. In just a minute and a half your flip book is created - it is printed, cut and bound before your very eyes. While this is going on the next award winning performance is being created. The Flipping Fun production team will orchestrate a constant flow of performances while producing the flip books. Watching others perform is as fun and entertaining as actually producing your own flip book. We bring lots of fun props and our team's director will help your guests create the perfect performance.

What do you need to set up at my event?

Our flip books are created in a 12'x12' area (the demensions can be flexible depending on the venue), one standard wall outlet with two sockets (20 amps of power needed) and two six foot tables and one four foot table (skirted to compliment your event decor). Flipping Fun provides the back drop complete with side drapes.

How many Flipping Fun Flip Books can you produce in an hour?

On average we can produce 40-45 flip books per hour, depending on the number of takes the guests need.

What will my Flipping Fun Flipbook look like?

It is a business card-sized book of sixty images. You may choose a Flipping Fun brand cover or you may work with our producers to create a custom cover for your event.

We are interested in using Flipping Fun Flip Books as a save the date card, invitation, business card or thank you card - can we do this?

Yes, a Flipping Fun flip book with a custom cover is the perfect way to share your news our express your thanks. We can arrange to have you visit our studio or go to the event you would like us to film and we will process your order in our studio for a timely delivery. If you need certain props, we can provide them for you at the studio or on site.

May I have additional copies made of my Flipping Fun Silent Film?

Yes, you may order additional copies of your film by clicking here.